Mother's Day Poem

uhh .. rsnye belum terlambat utk posting poem Mother's Day ni .. khas utk mak .. even bukan karangan dr anakmu sendiri .. tapi ketahuilah .... Angah sayang mak sangat2 .. terima kasih kerana sentiasa ada dikala angah sedih dan ketawa ;) ..

This mother's day greeting
Has a message for you
That comes from my heart
That is sincere and true

You're the most loving person
This world holds
Worth more to me
Than all the world's gold

My feelings for you
I don't always show
As time goes on
The more they grow

Your kind and caring
And always there for me
Thank you for everything
You do so thoughtfully

I Love You
With all my heart!


Ermalina said... [Reply to comment]
May 14, 2009 at 9:14 PM

i love my mummy gak ! hehehe :D


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